The former Co-Founder and President of Quagmire Golf, Geoff believes Triple Bogey is going to get some serious roll. Triple Bogey mixes three of Geoff’s favourite things: Beer, Golf and Fashion. Geoff also had the honor of being Creative director for the Great Arnold Palmer for the Arnie Collections where he got to go behind the scenes of the greatest golf legend which in turn has inspired him to do big things for this great game.

Triple Bogey is an exciting new adventure and Geoff can’t wait for you to see you sipping a few TB’s at your local club or watering hole while looking sharp in your new TB duds. As a matter of fact he will probably join you.

Also an original member of the Quag Crew Paul Rezar is in charge of keeping Geoff in line and bringing all their collaborative ideas to life. Paul is a critical member of the team and it just so happens he likes crushing a few pints and is known to be pretty well dressed while he is out making all those Triple Bogeys on the course, a perfect fit. Not an avid golfer but when he does, breathe easy course record, you have nothing to worry about!
Megan has been around since the beginning of both Quagmire and Triple Bogey, providing support and lending a hand to the creative development of each brand. Now an integral part of the team, she’s busy keeping all of our awesome clients stocked with cold brews and making sure we get into new establishments so everyone can crush the +3’s.

If you’re looking for a Triple Bogey lager and you can’t find it at your home course, LCBO or local watering hole, just give her a call and she will make sure your TB hop & barley wish is granted.

Charlie is the newest member of the +3 team, but his experience as both a CPGA Professional and Bartender makes him a welcome addition to the crew! Charlie has been racking up the kilometers in the TB mobile, making sure that everyone is stocked up with Triple Bogey. Whether you see him on the road, at your club or favorite pub, give the guy a wave. If you have any questions about the brand, Charlie is your man!

When he’s not on the road, you can find him at various locations in Toronto DJing the night away or on the golf course representing +3 all along the way!