The curling community is a close knit group. And having a great tasting beer they can call their own is a welcome addition at our club.

— GM, Curling Club

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Join 70+ Curling Clubs and over 600 locations leveraging great taste, unmatched support, and a growing community of brand loyalists to drive transactional success.

  • the impact of community ('social' context)
  • digitized physical spaces (supporting consumers where they are)
  • connectivity at scale (quality interactions resonate)
  • improved customer experiences (curated messaging builds loyalty)
  • the fun factor (a curling beer at a curling facility always brings a smile)

Throw up the guard. Stay ahead of the curve. Be in a position to deliver added value. Contact our team to learn how Hurry Hard positively impacts your customer as well the bottom line.

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A Triple Bogey Product.

Curling's Beer

Refreshingly Original

It sells itself.

Established in 2015, Hurry Hard has experienced organic growth year over year. More clubs, facilities, bars, restaurants, LCBO locations, and more have joined in the success of the beverages the greater curling community can call its own. #KingoftheRings

Local Knowledge

Industry Experience

Our secret ingredient.

Founder Geoff Tait’s reputation and expertise within the golf industry is renowned. After establishing Quagmire Golf as a formidable player in the apparel space (including a Canadian Open victory and partnership with Arnold Palmer), Geoff has once again found the centre of the fairway with Triple Bogey (golf) as well as the button with Hurry Hard (curling).


Purpose and Direction

Right on target.

Nothing speaks to the consumer like a product that belongs to them. By curlers. For curlers. Hurry Hard resonates within the clubs as well as across all channels. Early investors, adopters, and ambassadors Glenn Howard, Brent Laing, and Jennifer Jones bring  ‘World Champion’ perspective while listening to consumers keeps our crew at the top of our games.

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